Life is in the Air

Forget everything you ever knew about humidifiers: Condair HumiLife brings genuine quality of life to your home.

Health is when you don’t have to worry about it.

The quality of the air around you has a measurable effect on your health, your ability to concentrate, and your mood – just think about your last run in the forest or stroll on the beach. The healthiest indoor environment has a temperature between 20 and 24 °C and a relative humidity of 40 to 60%.

Perfect for protecting your immune system
40 - 60% Perfect for protecting your immune system

Fewer viruses and bacteria. Lower risk of infection. Fewer worries.

We emit aerosols when we speak, cough or sneeze. Aerosols are tiny, suspended particles that may contain pathogens like viruses or bacteria. Relative humidity must be maintained between 40 and 60% to keep viruses at bay and eliminate them faster.

Perfect for preventing infections
40 - 60% Perfect for preventing infections

A sigh of relief for allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

Air humidity is a crucial factor that influences the dispersion of dust. Experiments have shown that more dust will adhere to smooth floors if the relative humidity is above 40%. This is because it forms heavier clumps due to the moisture in the air, which then sink. Nonetheless, relative humidity should be kept below 60 percent to prevent the appearance of mold.

Perfect to bind allergens
40 - 60% Perfect to bind allergens
Discover your full potential

Discover your full potential.

An optimal level of air humidity is more than just a comfortable home environment: it promotes good health and improves your ability to concentrate.

the dream of perfect sleep will come true

The dream of perfect sleep will come true.

An indoor climate with an optimal level of air humidity enhances deep, peaceful and recuperative sleep.

Perfect air humidity for your cherished possessions

Perfect air humidity for your cherished possessions.

A constant level of indoor humidity is essential for the conservation of your wood floors , furniture and instruments.

The highest standards of hygiene with condair humilife

The highest standards of hygiene due to the use of sterilized and demineralized water.

Selected Condair HumiLife Solutions continuously sterilize and demineralize the incoming tap water, adhering to the highest standards of hygiene, to guarantee you an improved quality of life.

doctor hugentobler “Do not skimp on the right air humidification – health is your most valuable possession!” Dr Walter Hugentobler

Not even facts and figures seem dry with Condair HumiLife.

Elegant and discrete, in harmony with the interior design.

Condair HumiLife positively influences your indoor climate and blends in with the interior design. The main system is installed in the utility room. Depending on your preferred solution, the device can be either completely concealed in the living room or blends almost invisibly into the architecture due to its elegant design. Virtually any customized solution is possible.

Simple to operate, as the devices are self-sufficient.

You look after the essentials – the system takes care of everything else. The tedious, manual replenishment of water is no longer necessary, as there is a constant and automatic supply of water to the humidifier. You are also relieved of the continuous monitoring of water treatment and control of hygiene quality.

Minimizing the risk of flu and common cold viruses

Smart temperature and humidity sensors for a constant indoor climate.

Enjoy your preset indoor climate without tedious manual adjustments and fluctuations: state-of-the-art sensors continuously measure the air humidity and temperature to maintain your desired settings accurately and automatically. A convenient app is available to control your preferred values and to adjust them according to your needs. Selected systems even enable individual control of indoor climates in each room.

Service packages that are tailored to your needs.

We offer customized services to match your installation. The packages can include everything ranging from all-round carefree services with cloud-based monitoring, including the online tracking of system functions and performance values, as well as predictive maintenance, to autonomous system maintenance.

What would you like Condair HumiLife to improve for you or protect you from?

Your health

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Your allergies

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Fewer infections

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Your sleep

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Your furniture and flooring

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Your musical instruments

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Your artwork

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Your wine cellar

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The Condair HumiLife humidification system completely convinced me
“The Condair HumiLife humidification system, its performance and options completely convinced me.”
Joe Neidhart Architect & chalet owner
Inspired by nature and built for life your condair humilife
Inspired by nature.
Built for life.

At Condair, we are inspired by the miracles and laws of nature that we translate into modern solutions to improve the quality of life.

Our solution for a perfect indoor climate.

The flexible room solution

Compatible without a ventilation system
  • Innovative humidifier spots with integrated sensor for individual air humidification in each room
  • Smart combination of comfort and design
  • Humidity control with the smartphone app