The flexible room solution

The flexible room solution

Condair HumiLife’s flexible room solution enables individual humidity levels that are adapted to each space. And while the elegantly designed humidifier spots blend almost invisibly into the architecture of your rooms, the cloud-based control system ensures maximum ease of use.

Your benefits of the flexible room solution

No refilling of water

The system is connected directly to the mains to ensure a steady supply of water used for humidification, without any manual replenishment of water.

Highest hygienic quality and safety

Besides the water treatment system as a standard feature, an integrated UV lamp sterilizes the humidifier water during operation. In addition, continuous monitoring and automatic daily rinsing of the whole system guarantee impeccable hygiene quality.

Fully-automatic adjustment

The system uses a humidity and temperature sensor for automatic adjustment to keep the air humidity in the rooms constant and at your preferred level – without you having to move a muscle.

Everything under control with maximum ease of use

Health and an elegant look were not the only considerations – the system’s ease of use satisfies the highest standards as well. Air humidity levels can be controlled individually for every room using our convenient web app, even when you are not at home.

The all-round carefree maintenance package

An autonomous online network continuously tracks and optimizes system functions and performance values due to cloud-based monitoring. This enables extremely quick response times in the event of a malfunction.

Air humidification is as versatile as the use of your rooms.

The flexible room solution by Condair enables individual air humidification for each area of your home: the cloud-based controls blend unparalleled indoor comfort with outstanding ease of use.

The flexible room solution

Control the humidity in your home, at any time and from any location.

A web app is available to set the preferred air humidity values for each individual room – even when you are not at home.

Innovative humidifier spots

The humidifier spots are the core element in the flexible room solution by Condair HumiLife. Supplied with demineralized water from a central unit, the network of humidifier spots introduces the water into the room silently and without attracting attention. Meanwhile, a highly precise sensor measures ambient humidity to keep the humidifier output at the preferred level.

Installation angle from 0–90°

The humidifier spots can be mounted vertically (wall mounting), horizontally (ceiling mounting), or at any angle between 0° and 90° on a sloped ceiling.

Surface mounting

Surface-mounted installation option for particularly easy installation.

Partially integrated installation

Installation option with integrated wiring in the wall or ceiling.

Fully integrated installation

Installation option with fully integrated cables and humidifier heads.

the flexible room solution for maximum flexibility
The flexible room solution

For maximum flexibility.